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Guido's Pizza and Catering

Prior to opening Guidos, Guido worked as an insurance salesman for National Life Insurance Company.  He had a pretty good position with the company and was well known throughout the area. Some may remember Guido visiting their homes pitching an insurance sale.   He also worked part-time at the old Elite Restaurant in order to help support his wife and 10 children and whenever he worked there, he would bring home an Elite pizza.  The family always looked forward to that treat.  Obviously, his wife Vivian couldn't work because she was busy raising the kids. 

Guido's sister and brother-in-law, Mary and August D'amicone, had founded Augie's Pizza in 1965 on the corner of Emery and Green Roads in Warrensville Heights, Ohio and the business turned out to be quite successful.  Knowing that Guido was working several jobs to support his family, Aunt Mary and Uncle Augie approached Guido and Vivian with the idea of opening their own pizza business.  It would still be hard work but it would be THEIR business. Uncle Augie and Aunt Mary gave the secret recipes for sauce and dough to them and the only stipulation was that they keep the recipes secret.

Vivian really didn't work much at the shop but she worked behind the scenes paying the bills and depositing the money.

Both Vivian and Guido were forever grateful to Aunt Mary and Uncle Augie for setting them up in business.

Guido's of Ravenna now owned by Guido's son Sam Cipriano, still follows Aunt Mary and Uncle Augie's stipulations to this day.

Along with our large team that makes up Guido's of Ravenna, we still employ many family members as well.

TUESDAY Large 3 Item $19.99

WEDNESDAY Medium 4 Item $18.99

THURSDAY Large Deluxe $21.99

FRIDAY Medium 3 Item $17.99

SATURDAY Medium 2 Item 16.99

SUNDAY Large Deluxe $21.99

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Guido's of Ravenna
214 West Main
Ravenna, Oh
Phone: (330) 296-9009